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The Church


Foundations of the church were laid in 1301; supports of the medieval buttress wall are still visible. At the end of the 15th century the church was transformed into a hall of asiles. As a result, this building became the largest diocese church in Hungary: the huge gothic windows, 20 winged altars and the upper floors on both sides were exceptional in this age. As a result of fires, the church was rebuilt in 1774 and in 1815.

Gábor Krannowetter painted the central feature of Main Altar in 1783, showing the martyrdom of St. Bartholomew. In accordance with traditional interpretation, this painting could be the imitation of the portrait of St. Bartholomew by the Spanish painter Ribera.

The wooden statue of St. Peter and Paul was carved in 1783 by József Hebenstreit, a woodcarver in Pest.

A rich series of frescoes decorate the inside of the building. In addition to framed pictures of significant historical events and biblical stories, there are 56 miniature artistic flower baskets covering every surface. There is an exceptional painting in the northern aisle: the meeting of Lord Ferenc Rákóczi the Second and Pál Szechenyi, Archbishop of Kalocsa - who was born in GyoÅNngyoÅNs - in 1704, with their associates in the background.

There are lots of other items with exceptional importance: the rich pulpit, artistic statues and paintings on the altars in the aisles and the unique baptizing basin from the 15th century.





Treasury of
St. Bartholomew

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Szent Bertalan u. 3. Hungary

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