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The Exhibition


The story of the treasures of St. Bartholomew’s Church during World War II could be turned into an exciting novel. For a very long time, it was impossible to know where the most important items had been hidden. It was not until many years after the War – when the last surviving witness broke his silence in the 1960s – that the location of the most valuable treasures was revealed: they had been concealed in a cavity under a stairway in the Great Church, where every single piece was found, safe and sound. These items – masterpieces of goldsmith’s work – now make up some of the finest exhibits of the Treasury, and have been proudly exhibited at home and abroad.


The church collection and Treasury came into existence thanks to the activities of Pál Guba, although the collection was only opened to the general public in 1991.




(Photo: Pál Guba, Piarist priest and professor)










In 2009, the parish successfully applied for EU funding (tender no. ÉMOP-2.1.1/B-09-2009-0001).

As a result of the 275-million-forint project, co-financed by the European Union, the fully refurbished exhibition re-opened its doors (now with easy access for the disabled) on 1st July 2014. The Treasury, with expanded exhibition space, now leads visitors through three large rooms, with renewed displays of

the Goldsmith’s Work, the

Ötvös tárgyak a Szent Bertalan-templom KIncstárában

Vestments, and the


Textilek a Szent Bertalan-templom Kincstárában

Collection of Ancient Books.


The exhibition includes a unique goldsmith’s restoration workshop and one for textiles, where liturgical objects are cared for by professionals and painstakingly restored.


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Treasury of
St. Bartholomew

3200 Gyöngyös,
Szent Bertalan u. 3. Hungary

Telefon: +36 (37) 500-446



Opening hours:

  • Monday: closed
  • Tuesday-Saturday: 10-17
  • Sunday: 15-17 (registration required